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Assessing the efficiency of constructed wetlands in removing PPCPs from treated wastewater and mitigating the ecotoxicological impacts

Master'sVu Cong DanhMohadmed BayatiThi L. HoFengzhen WangElizabeth RogersCraig CuvellierSteve HuebotterEnos C. InnissRanjith UdawattaShibu JoseChung-Ho Lin 16 Jan 2021

Research output: Article

Health risk assessment of volatile organic compounds at daycare facilities

Master'sVu Cong DanhMohamed BayatiPhuc H. VoElizabeth RogersJihyun ParkThi L. HoAlexandra N. DavisZehra GulsevenGustavo CarloFrancisco PalermoJane A. McElroySusan C. NagelChung-Ho Lin 15 Feb 2021

Research output: Article

Allelopathic Potential Of Rice And Identification Of Published Allelochemicals By Cloud-Based Metabolomics Platform

Master'sVu Cong DanhThi L. Ho, Tu T. C. Nguyen, Nhu Y. Nguyen, Trang T. T. Nguyen, Trieu N. H. Phong, Cuong T. Nguyen, Chung-Ho Lin, Zhentian Lei, Lloyd W. Sumner, Vang V. Le 15 Jun 2020

Research output: Article

Endocrine disrupting activities and geochemistry of water resources associated with unconventional oil and gas activity

Master'sVu Cong DanhChristopher D. KassotisJennifer S. HarknessPhuc H. VoKate HoffmanKatelyn M. CinnamonJennifer N. Cornelius-GreenAvner VengoshChung-Ho LinDonald E. TillittRobin L. KruseJane A. McElroySusan C. Nagel 15 Dec 2020

Research output: Article

The largest epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak in Vietnam

Master'sVu Cong DanhTrang H. D. Nguyen Apr 2020

Research output: Article