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PhD.Nguyen Huu Hung

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Faculty of Technology

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Chemical Constituents of Cordyceps neovolkiana DL0004

PhD.Nguyen Huu HungChi-Dung Nguyen, Thi-My-Ninh Pham, Thi-Bich-Hang Ha, Thi-Phuong Nguyen, Hoang-Vinh-Truong Phan, Thuc-Huy Duong, Minh-Hiep Dinh 27 Mar 2021

Research output: Article

Flavones from Combretum Quadarangulare Growing in Vietnam and Their Alpha-Glucosidase Inhibitory Activity

PhD.Nguyen Huu HungThi-Bich-Ngoc Dao, Truong-Minh-Tri Nguyen, Van-Quy Nguyen, Thi-Minh-Dinh Tran, Nguyen-Minh-An Tran, Chuong Hoang Nguyen, Thi-Hoai-Thu Nguyen, Jirapast Sichaem, Cong-Luan Tran, Thuc-Huy Duong 26 Apr 2021

Research output: Article

A New Resorcinol Derivative from the Bark of Aegiceras Floridum (Primulaceae)

PhD.Nguyen Huu HungHuynh-Van-Long Luu, Thi-Hoai-Thu Nguyen, Kim-Phi-Phung Nguyen, Ngoc-Hong Nguyen, Thuc-Huy Duong 01 Dec 2020

Research output: Article

Design and synthesis of new lupeol derivatives and their a-glucosidase inhibitory and cytotoxic activities

PhD.Nguyen Huu HungHoang-Vinh-Truong Phan, Thuc-Huy Duong, Duc-Dung Pham, Hoang-Anh Pham, Van-Kieu Nguyen, Thi-Phuong Nguyen, Ngoc-Hong Nguyen, Pornpat Sam-ang, Kiettipum Phontree, Jirapast Sichaem 07 May 2020

Research output: Article

Design, modification of phyllanthone derivatives as anti-diabetic and cytotoxic agents

PhD.Nguyen Huu HungNgoc-Hong Nguyen, Van-Giau Vo, Hoang-Vinh-Truong Phan, Thanh-The Ngo, Jirapast Sichaem, Thi-Phuong Nguyen, Duc-DungPham, Tien-Cong Nguyen, Van-Kieu Nguyen, Thuc-Huy Duong 01 Jul 2020

Research output: Article

Dilatatone, a new chlorinated compound from Parmotrema dilatatum

PhD.Nguyen Huu HungHoang-Vinh-Truong Phan, Asshaima Paramita Devi, Hoang-Duy Le, Thanh-Trung Nguyen, Tran-Thai-Duong Le, Tai Hoang Nguyen, Jirapast Chiaem, Thuc-Huy Duong 27 Jan 2020

Research output: Article

Nanilkzapotane, a Novel Dimeric Alkylresorcinol Derivative from the Stem Bark of Manilkara Zapota

PhD.Nguyen Huu HungThuc-Huy Duong, Nguyen Tien Trung, Cam-Tu D. Phan, Van-Kieu Nguyen, Vassana Musa, Thanatip Ruksilp, Ngoc-Hong Nguyen, Jirapast Sichaem 01 Dec 2020

Research output: Article

New diterpenoids from the stems of Euphorbia antiquorum growing in Vietnam

PhD.Nguyen Huu HungThanh-Nha Tran, Jirapast Sichaem, Van-Kieu Nguyen, Truong-Tam Cao, Thi-Phuong Nguyen, Van-Giau Vo, Nakorn Niamnont, Ngoc-Hong Nguyen, Thuy-Huy Duong Jul 2020

Research output: Article

Parmosidone K, a new Meta-depsidone from the lichen Parmotrema tsavoense

PhD.Nguyen Huu HungThi-Hoai-Thu Nguyen, Thi-My-Nhung Nguyen, Thanh-Trung Nguyen, Ngoc-Hong Nguyen, Dinh-Tri Mai, Bui-Linh-Chi Huynh, Cong-Luan Tran, Thuc-Huy Duong Nov 2020

Research output: Article

Subnudatones A and B, new trans-decalin polyketides from the cultured lichen mycobionts of Pseudopyrenula subnudata

PhD.Nguyen Huu HungThuc-Huy Duong, Hung-Huy Nguyen, Thanh-Trung Le, Thanh-Nha Tran, Jirapast Sichaem, Thanh-Trung Nguyen, Thi-Phuong Nguyen, Dinh-Tri Mai, Hoang-Duy Le Feb 2020

Research output: Article

Synthesis, α-glucosidase inhibition, and molecular docking studies of novel N-substituted hydrazide derivatives of atranorin as antidiabetic agents

PhD.Nguyen Huu HungThuc-Huy Duong. Asshaima Paramita Devi, Nguyen-Minh-An Tran, Hoang-Vinh-Truong PhanNgoc-Vinh Huynh, Jirapast Sichaem, Hoai-Duc Tran, Mahboob Alam, Thi-Phuong Nguyen, Warinthorn Chavasiri, Tien-Cong Nguyen Sep 2020

Research output: Article

Two New Phenolic Compounds from the Vietnamese Lichen Parmotrema Tinctorum

PhD.Nguyen Huu HungVan-Muoi Bui, Thuc-Huy Duong, Thi-Anh-Minh Nguyen, Thi-Ngoc-Van Nguyen, Ngoc-Hong Nguyen, Warinthorn Chavasiri, Kim-Phi-Phung Nguyen, Bui-Linh-Chi Huynh 05 Dec 2020

Research output: Article