Load Frequency Control for Multi-Area Power Plants with Integrated Wind Resources

Tiến sĩPhan Văn ĐứcVan Van Huynh, Bui Le Ngoc Minh, Emmanuel Nduka Amafule, Anh-Tuan Tran, Phong Thanh Tran, Viet-Thanh Pham, Tam Minh Nguyen

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To provide a more practical method of controlling the frequency and tie-line power flow of a multi-area interconnected power system (MAIPS), a state observer based on sliding mode control (SOboSMC) acting under a second-order time derivative is proposed. The proposed design is used to study load frequency control against load disturbance, matched and mismatched uncertainty and parameter measurement difficulties of power systems that exist in the modern power plant, such as multi-area systems integrated with wind plants. Firstly, the state observer is designed to optimally estimate system state variables. The estimated states are applied to construct the model of the MAIPS. Secondly, a SOboSMC is designed with an integral switching surface acting on the second-order time derivative to forcefully drive the dynamic errors to zero and eliminate chattering, which can occur in the first-order approach to sliding mode control. In addition, the stability of the total power system is demonstrated with the Lyapunov stability theory based on a new linear matrix inequality (LMI) technique. To extend the validation of the proposed design control for practical purposes, it was tested in a New England system with 39 bus power against random load disturbances. The simulation results confirm the superiority of the proposed SOboSMC over other recent controllers with respect to overshoot and settling time.

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Thể loại
Bài báo
Năm xuất bản
29 Thg3 2021
Ngôn ngữ gốc
Tiếng Anh
Tạp chí công bố
Applied Sciences (Switzerland)
Ấn phẩm số
Vol. 11 No. 7
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Danh mục Scopus
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