The role of traditional culture in patriotism education for students: requirements, barriers and difficulties

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Traditional culture has accompanied the nation throughout history, especially in the two resistance wars against colonialism and imperialist invasion, culture actively participated in the struggle for independence. , the freedom of the nation became a spearhead of shock on the cultural-ideological front, defeating, conspiracy and tricks of imperialism and hostile forces. The cause of national renewal has been achieved 30 years ago with important and great achievements in all fields, promoting the role of culture in the implementation of the current rural democracy regulations is necessary, in order to develop to bring into play the dynamism, creativity, and mastery spirit of the masses in the construction of the home country, to achieve the goal of a rich people, a strong country, a democracy, equality, and civilization. This study focuses on analyzing the state of traditional cultural education in Vietnamese universities. This research shows that, for a very long time, the education of traditional cultural values of the nation has not been interested in universities; In the system of university-level subjects, there are very few schools that introduce cultural subjects into teaching; this research also points to the need to educate the cultural values of the nation in universities; education contents and solutions to raise the position of traditional cultural education of the nation in Vietnam's university system. Keywords: Traditional culture, patriotism education, student, Vietnam

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