Optimal Reactive Power Flow for Large-Scale Power Systems Using an Effective Metaheuristic Algorithm

Tiến sĩPhan Văn ĐứcThanh Long Duong, Minh Quan Duong, Thang Trung Nguyen

Khoa Công Nghệ Ô Tô

Thể loại: Bài báo

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In this paper, stochastic fractal search method (SFS) is employed for solving the optimal reactive power flow (ORPF) problem with a target of optimizing total active power losses (TPL), voltage deviation (VD), and voltage stability index (VSI). SFS is an effective metaheuristic algorithm consisting of diffusion process and two update processes. ORPF is a complex problem giving challenges to applied algorithms by taking into account many complex constraints such as operating voltage from generators and loads, active and reactive power generation of generators, limit of capacitors, apparent power limit from branches, and tap setting of transformers. For verifying the performance, solutions of IEEE 30 and 118-bus system with TPL, VD, and VSI objectives are found by the SFS method with different control parameter settings. Result comparisons indicate that SFS is more favorable than other methods about finding effective solutions and having faster speed. As a result, it is suggested that SFS should be used for ORPF problem, and modifications performed on SFS are encouraged for better results.

Thông tin chung
Thể loại
Bài báo
Năm xuất bản
Thg2 2020
Ngôn ngữ gốc
Tiếng Anh
Tạp chí công bố
Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Loại tạp chí
Danh mục ISI
2090-0147 (Print) | 2090-0155 (Online)
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