Optimal power generation for wind-hydro-thermal system using meta-heuristic algorithms

Tiến sĩPhan Văn ĐứcThuan Thanh Nguyen, Bach Hoang Dinh, Tan Minh Phan, Thang Trung Nguyen

Khoa Công Nghệ Ô Tô

Thể loại: Bài báo

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In this paper, Cuckoo search algorithm (CSA) is suggested for determining optimal operation parameters of the combined wind turbine and hydrothermal system (CWHTS) in order to minimize total fuel cost of all operating thermal power plants while all constraints of plants and system are exactly satisfied. In addition to CSA, Particle swarm optimization (PSO), PSO with constriction factor and inertia weight factor (FCIWPSO) and Social Ski-Driver (SSD) are also implemented for comparisons. The CWHTS is optimally scheduled over twenty-four one-hour interval and total cost of producing power energy is employed for comparison. Via numerical results and graphical results, it indicates CSA can reach much better results than other ones in terms of lower total cost, higher success rate and faster search process. Consequently, the conclusion is confirmed that CSA is a very efficient method for the problem of determining optimal operation parameters of CWHTS.

Thông tin chung
Thể loại
Bài báo
Năm xuất bản
Thg10 2020
Ngôn ngữ gốc
Tiếng Anh
Tạp chí công bố
International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering (IJECE)
Ấn phẩm số
10 (5)
Loại tạp chí
Danh mục Scopus
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