Optimal Power Flow in Power System Considering Wind Power Integrated into Grid

PhD.Phan Van DucMinh Phuc Duong, Dieu Ngoc Vo, Thang Trung Nguyen

Faculty of Automotive Engineering

Research output: Article


This paper implements a new metaheuristic, called Equilibrium optimizer (EO), to find out the optimal results for a modified Optimal Power Flow (OPF) problem considering Wind turbine (WT) located at a load node. This paper runs EO for different versions of OPF problem including a basic OPF problem without considering the contribution of any renewable energy sources, a modified OPF problem considering the presence of WT. The IEEE-30 node system and its modified versions are utilized to evaluate the effect of EO after comparison with other methods. By applying sensitivity method, node 3 and node 30 (the most unsuitable node and the most suitable node) are placed a wind turbine for using the lowest electric generation cost of TGUs. For the case without WT, EO can save a cost from 0.11% to 0.65% from other methods. For the two cases of WT placement, EO can save a cost with 0.64% and 0.63% of other methods. As a result, EO is decided a powerful novel metaheuristic for OPF problem with the trend of using renewable energies in power systems.

Publication year
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GMSARN International Journal
Volume No
Vol. 15
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