Liberalism and cultural tolerance in the context of globalization

Thạc sĩHuỳnh Thị Phương ThúyDinh Ngoc Thach

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Freedom is a social category, has a long history, is considered from many different angles, associatedwith human activities, and has profound cultural -humanitarian significance. From the approach to value, when freedom is abolished, human dignity is offended, or the need arises for “more freedom”, the movements for freedom take shape and spread. Today, in the open space of globalization and international integration, many variations of liberalism are born and occupy a certain position in all areas of social life. Therefore, the article does not repeat the different notions of freedom and liberalism, but only draws from that one issue that is of concern -the issue of cultural behavior in the spirit of tolerance. The vivid expression of the sense of freedom and respect for cultural diversity in relations between nations and peoples is often interpreted through the lens of cultural tolerance, as determined by the United Nations such as the human aspiration to “transform the culture of war into a culture of peace” with the recognition of freedom and the possibility of dialogue between cultures.Keywords: Liberty, liberalism, globalization, cultural tolerance

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Journal of Natural Remedies
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Vol. 21 No. 9(1)
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