Adaptive Integral Second-Order Sliding Mode Control Design for Load Frequency Control of Large-Scale Power System with Communication Delays

Tiến sĩPhan Văn ĐứcAnh-Tuan Tran, Bui Le Ngoc Minh, Phong Thanh Tran, Van Van Huynh, Viet-Thanh Pham, Tam Minh Nguyen

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Nowadays, the power systems are getting more and more complicated because of the delays introduced by the communication networks. The existence of the delays usually leads to the degradation and/or instability of power system performance. On account of this point, the traditional load frequency control (LFC) approach for power system sketches a destabilizing impact and an unacceptable system performance. Therefore, this paper proposes a new LFC based on adaptive integral second-order sliding mode control (AISOSMC) approach for the large-scale power system with communication delays (LSPSwCD). First, a new linear matrix inequality is derived to ensure the stability of whole power systems using Lyapunov stability theory. Second, an AISOSMC law is designed to ensure the finite time reachability of the system states. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first time the AISOSMC is designed for LFC of the LSPSwCD. In addition, the report of testing results presents that the suggested LFC based on AISOSMC can not only decrease effectively the frequency variation but also make successfully less in mount of power oscillation/fluctuation in tie-line exchange.

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Bài báo
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22 Thg3 2021
Ngôn ngữ gốc
Tiếng Anh
Tạp chí công bố
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Vol. 2021
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